Content Focused
Removes ums, uhs, you knows,
and false sentence starts
$1.00 per minute of audio/video
Exact Verbatim
Includes everything
$1.30 per minute of audio/video

Factors That Add Difficulty (added to base price)

More Than 2 Speakers+$.50 cents per minute of audio/video
Noisy Background
Poor Audio Recording
+$.15 cents per minute of audio/video
Non-Native English Speakers+$.10 cents per minute of audio/video
Each of these make it harder to keep track of who is speaking and record conversations accurately.

Formatting Add-Ons

Time Codes Every 60 Seconds.$15 cents per minute of audio/video
“Burnt-In” Time Coding
Video Only
$.30 cents per minute of audio/video
Data Anonymization$.10 cents per minute of audio/video
These add-ons are necessary for certain industries, ask us if you have questions.

Special Rates

Contact us for specialized rates for academic research and large projects.

Sample Transcripts

If you’d like to get a sense for our transcription format and style submit a quote request and select that option. We will provide a sample of the first three minutes of your file to ensure that if you need any changes made or have any questions you can get them answered.

Payment Options

You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your files as confirmation that we are working on your project. We will not deliver final files until payment has been made. We guarantee every transcript will be at least 99 percent accurate, and if you have any issues or problems we’ll work with you to get it right.

Credit cards and debit cards accepted and preferred.

Researchers associated with colleges or universities may inquire about invoicing their institutions directly.

File Delivery And Long Term File Storage

Finished transcripts will be delivered via email on time. Copies of the transcritps can be kept for up to six months. Additional long term backup storage of transcripts is also available.

Guiding Principles

  1. Every file we work on is reviewed twice to ensure a minimum of 99 percent accuracy.
  2. We will never share your files or information with anyone else.
  3. If you’re unhappy with our service we want to make it right.